2023 TIFA 提亞戈・羅提吉斯✕日內瓦劇院《不可能的邊界》


提亞戈・羅提吉斯 x 日內瓦劇院

2023 TIFA台灣國際藝術節

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亞維儂藝術節藝術總監提亞戈.羅提吉斯揪心新作 「我們跟軍方談判,獲准在清晨翻山越界,去執行任務。兩地不過二十公里,沿途都是壞消息。山的彼端有城市廢墟,世界末日的樣子不必想像,就是長這樣。」一張白床單讓死亡與生存具有同等重量,也是戰地裡僅存的尊嚴。重複的場景,即便是人道救援工作者,依舊會驚愕。 現任亞維儂藝術節藝術總監提亞戈.羅提吉斯,將他聽見的故事,由四位演員以詩意的方式演繹,並由一位打擊樂手,將戰場上的心跳與炸彈的爆裂聲堆疊重現。這場演出不只談人道救援工作者,更從危險、慾望、毀滅的方式貼近世界,彰顯人性尊嚴與韌性。

節錄自 https://www.klook.com/zh-TW/event-detail/101014926-2023-l-impossible-show/

Thiago, the artistic director of the Avignon Art Festival. Rotigis worried about his new work "We negotiated with the military and were allowed to cross the mountain and cross the border in the early morning to carry out the mission. 

The two places are only 20 kilometers away, and there are bad news along the way. There are city ruins on the other side of the mountain, and the appearance of the end of the world is unnecessary. Imagine, it looks like this." A white sheet makes death and life have the same weight, and it is the only dignity left in the battlefield. Repeated scenes, even for humanitarian aid workers, still cause consternation. 

The current artistic director of the Avignon Art Festival Thiago. Rotigis, the story he heard, was interpreted by four actors in a poetic way, and a percussionist recreated the heartbeat on the battlefield and the explosion of bombs. This performance not only talks about humanitarian aid workers, but also approaches the world in a way of danger, desire and destruction, demonstrating human dignity and resilience.

節錄自 https://www.klook.com/zh-TW/event-detail/101014926-2023-l-impossible-show/