Entertainment logistics

The Stage Property of GTC, specialize in arranging transportation for all relative kinds of Entertainment, Fine Art, Music, Culture equipment for relative Group.
The most importance of our major concerned is “Precise” and “Delicate” and “Accurate” and we truly believed that our major concerned is to offer our client a Safest and Time- Critical service in full detailed plan, from very beginning when collecting the cargo on our hand until we finish our task, we make sure every single service we offered is Effective, Safe, Focus and Efficiency.

We, GTC have spent more than 25 years in this field facing every kind of emergency and critical situation and solved problems. GTC is more experienced than any other competitors and making a break through to deal with TAITRA and custom office in Taiwan, the very first example to apply CPD Carnets for one shipment to several countries in one Tour for one Group to ensure that shipment from our client can travel around the world smoothly and successfully and make sure still adapt to all the custom regulation for every single country we been to.
The most important spirit that we want to delivery and spread is Intention and Appreciation. Through our service the transportation is not simply delivery goods to destination, it’s more like to delivery our care through the performance and art from client and to show the connection among the people in the world. We truly believe ~ GTC can help, help to show the beauty of life, art to everyone.
Anywhere you go, let GTC goes to.  And this is why we here for~