About GTC

Do more than what you need.
We, Glory Transwell Corp. 

Consideration is origin from our professional discipline, we always think ahead of your needed. 
Passion is one great force that led us to profession, because if we ‘re passionate about something then you’re more willing to devote. In GTC, we trust  

We, GTC international freight forwarding company was founded in 1984 is a solidary team of associated professional which are proud of company and make all efforts for its prosperity. We are brave about new purposes and we achieve them step by step. 
We consider it necessary to work in an honest manner. For us, this work is not just profitable, it must also create mutually beneficial results.

We believe that transportation is a creative industry that develops professional plans and helps people in need. This work is part of our lives and we are seeking harmony between life, business, and self. Therefore, we thank every customer and are fully prepared to meet every challenge faced by global opportunities.