Installing of Art Exhibition of Tang

The complete exhibition arrangement process requires the exhibition arrangement company and the designer/artist to work side by side in order to know how to arrange the location of the works, create the exhibition design atmosphere, and set the route of the visitors, so that the exhibition can be successfully completed and attract everyone to visit!

Setting up the exhibition is not as simple as receiving the exhibits.
To carry out overall design planning, we must fully communicate with the client/commissioning company before starting the design. We need to understand the atmosphere or theme that the exhibitor wants to show, as well as the purpose of matching the entire exhibition hall, and whether the exhibits need a display cabinet , The position you want to place, etc. must be understood before the preliminary design can be started.

After the initial booth design is completed, the third step of the exhibition arrangement process is to allow the exhibits to enter the venue. Because there are all kinds of exhibits, we need to advance the booth layout after the exhibits enter the venue. In addition, if there is a need to rent equipment in the exhibition venue, or connect wires and other projects, it is also one of the exhibition arrangements.

It may seem simple and monotonous, but in fact, we must be cautious in each process. Individual exhibitions must prioritize not harming the work, while collective exhibitions must take into account the characteristics of the consignor and the overall purpose of the exhibition.