Imported paint products, apply for type approval

The customer imports paint (coating products) from Germany, although it is a small amount for personal use, it still needs to apply for type approval

According to the regulations of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, the current inspection method of coating products adopts type approval batch by batch inspection or verification registration

[Type test mode (mode 2) plus complete quality management system mode (mode 4), process quality management system mode (mode 5) or factory inspection mode (mode 7)] The two systems are parallel.

The application process is complicated, but for the health and life safety of Chinese people, all checks are necessary. First, pay tribute to the relevant units.

Before the formal import, samples must be provided, an application for type approval must be submitted, and the import must be re-inspected by the Commodity Inspection Bureau. After the official goods are imported, they must be randomly inspected, and they can only be released when they meet the type approval applied for.

We, "GTC" can apply the type approval for your service.