NCC certification application

NCC is the abbreviation of The National Communications Commission (The National Communications Commission), which mainly controls the communication and information equipment circulating and used in the Taiwan market:
1. LPE: Low Power Equipment means low power equipment (for example: Bluetooth, WIFI equipment);
2. TTE: Telecommunications Terminal Equipment is communication terminal equipment (for example: mobile phones, tablet devices).

NCC certified product range
1. LPE: Low Power Equipment means low power equipment (such as Bluetooth, WIFI equipment); such as: wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11a/b/g), UNII, Bluetooth products, RFID, ZigBee , Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless headset microphone, radio walkie-talkie, radio remote control toys, all kinds of radio remote controls, all kinds of wireless anti-theft devices, etc.

2. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) products, such as wired telephones (including VOIP Internet phones), automatic alarm equipment, telephone answering machines, fax machines, remote control devices, wired telephone wireless main and auxiliary machines, key telephone systems, Data equipment (including ADSL equipment), incoming call display terminal equipment, 2.4GHz radio frequency telecommunication terminal equipment, etc.

2. Land mobile communication network equipment (PLMN) products, such as wireless broadband access mobile station equipment (WiMAX mobile terminal equipment), GSM 900/DCS 1800 mobile phone and terminal equipment (2G mobile phone), third-generation mobile communication terminal equipment (3G mobile phone) and so on.

NCC certification process
1. The client provides product information to the agency for evaluation and quotation;
2. The entrusting party confirms the quotation back, fills in the application form, provides samples and materials, arranges the payment (first paragraph), and the agency opens the case;
3. Arrange product forecasts and review data;
4. If there is a problem with the test and data, arrange for rectification and retest until it is qualified;
5. After the test and data are qualified, the issuing agency will conduct a witness test;
6. After the witness test is completed, the issuing agency will issue a test report and issue a certificate;
7. The entrusting party pays the payment (final payment), gets the certificate report, and closes the case.

Application materials for Taiwan NCC certification
1. Product circuit schematic diagram;
2. Product block diagram;
3. Product specifications;
4. Product manual;
5. BOM table;
6. Service application form;
7. Factory ISO9001 certificate;
8. Antenna specification.

NCC certification application cycle:
The NCC certification application cycle is 3-4 weeks, and the cost can be determined based on the product information.

We, "GTC" can apply for NCC certification for your service.