Okinawa Asia Peace Arts Festival

Artworks must be packed correctly to ensure it is stored and transported safely and securely
We provide a wide range of quality crating and packing options for different types of the artworks.  
At Transworld, we are experienced in handling international fine art and exhibition shipments more than 30 years.A variety of transportation services are available including international air, ocean and dedicated inland trucking service.
Insurance:  Transit insurance alternatives are available for your best choice.
Installation:  Unpacking and installation services are available via well-experienced fine art handlers.

There are many things artists are not familiar with or difficult to handle in the process of artwork transportation, such as artwork packaging maintenance, heavy object handling, wooden box ordering, land transportation, customs declaration between the two countries, sea and air international transportation arrangements, local The relevant regulations of the customs, the import conditions stipulated by the customs of various countries, the scope of duty-free and all the trivial matters on land after the consignment arrives at the destination port. Lingqun provides professional planning for the transnational transportation of artworks, integrating the necessary conditions from the place of departure to the destination into a complete set of services, generally called Door to Door Service. Or deepen the scope of services as From Room to Room Service.

The door to door service planned by "GTC" s mainly based on customer needs and active care as the primary consideration, with rich experience to make up for the shortcomings of artists, and to simplify the parts that customers must take care of by themselves. To minimize the risk of consignment, customs inspection and taxation, for a shipper who has no experience in transnational relocation, the instructions and domestic assistance provided by Ling Qun can make transnational relocation easy and leisurely.

A. Pre-Move Survey:
In the case of a large number of consignments (including sculptures) or special consignments, staff will usually be sent to the shipper’s home to conduct a pre-assessment. The free evaluation allows the shipper to understand the possible charges, as well as the characteristics of the consignment and Consumers' itineraries and needs are also one of the indispensable pre-work for tailor-made full services.

B. Explanation of the law:
Since each country has certain conditions for the import of artworks, and the scope of tax exemption and the principle of import tax levy are not the same, the shipper will rashly deliver the goods without knowing the laws of the destination country. Consignment may face the risk of paying taxes or returning the shipment. Ling Qun is familiar with the customs laws of various countries and reviews and explains each relocation case.

C. Insurance services: Lingqun Company can purchase international transportation insurance from insurance companies on behalf of the shipper. This type of insurance is specially planned for the international transportation of artworks, with comprehensive considerations and gorgeous packaging, but the insurance procedures are cumbersome and the rates are high.

D. On-site packaging:
The consignment must go through many cumbersome Handlings in the sea-land combined transportation process, including manual handling, container yard tally, customs unpacking inspection, container loading, transshipment, and up to 6-10 times of truck, trailer transportation and inland transshipment. The shaking, vibration and bumps caused by a handling may cause damage. Lingqun Company must send staff to the home to do the pre-packaging before starting the transportation. The more fragile or special items will be tailored to nail small wooden boxes to ensure safety .

E. Storage in Transit:
In some cases, the consignment can be temporarily stored in the warehouse of the multinational moving company after being packed and picked up before the designated delivery date, and the export and international transportation can only be handled at an appropriate time.

F. Packing or packing:
For cases where the consignment volume is large and the entire container is used for consignment, the loading operation will be carried out after the packaging is completed. The time and place of the loading will be prioritized when the packaging is completed and the loading on the site is the priority. If the shipper’s original residence and its surrounding environment It is not conducive to loading, or the consignment must be temporarily stored (that is, not exported), Lingqun Company may choose its storage center as the loading location. Consolidated consignments with a small consignment volume must be packaged in the original home and transported back to the storage center for safe stacking, and consigned in large, tailor-made shipping wooden boxes to reduce the risk of the transportation process.

G. Export declaration and sea or air export:
The goods are sent to the airport or container yard for export declaration and air or sea transportation to the destination designated airport or port.

H. Destination import declaration:
After the consignment arrives at the designated port at the destination, the destination agent of Lingqun Company must assist the shipper to handle the import declaration of the consignment. Because the customs declaration process and required conditions of various countries are different, the documents and certificates required for customs declaration are also different , Lingqun Company will give a detailed explanation to the shipper.

J. Delivery to home:
After completing the import declaration and paying relevant taxes, Lingqun’s destination agent will deliver the consignment directly from the airport or terminal to the consignee’s designated place of residence (if it is a full container) at the agreed time The consignment and residence area can allow the entry of connected vehicles, and the original container can be delivered), and the packaging of the consignment will be removed and necessary assembly. All objects will be positioned according to the requirements of the consignee.

K. Remove waste:
Professional multinational transportation companies will completely remove all dismantled packaging waste or empty boxes on the day of delivery.